Hello, my name is Carole McLeod, I am the bereavement facilitator for Sorensen Funeral Home. We here at Sorensen’s know that a death of a loved one can be the most stressful time in a family’s life. It is important to us that we are available to help you through the grief process.

Grief is what one experiences when a loved one has died. Grief affects you emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially….every part of your being. When death occurs you step into a journey that can be painful, overwhelming, and frustrating.

We are here to help you. Our goal is to create a safe place for our bereaved families to do their mourning. Our objectives are to provide them support through our bereavement programs:

Good Mourning Grief Support Group

This offers emotional, physical, social, and spiritual support in a safe place to talk, share, cry and to heal. Attending our support group brings understanding and allows those attending to explore their many thoughts and feelings as they travel their grief journey. Our group is a six week grief support group especially designed for our families. It meets on Tuesdays at 1:30 approximately 4 times a year. It is held here at Sorensen Funeral Home, is open to the community and it is free of cost.

Individual Consultations

Carole will meet with persons individually when requested. If anyone is unable to attend the support group or needs to speak with her at their convenience she will arrange an individual consultation free of charge.


A newsletter entitled “Good Mourning News” is published quarterly and will be available to receive through email or USPS. This newsletter will address subjects regarding coping, talking and sharing your grief. It will also list resources of books you can reference. You can sign up to receive the newsletter, grief articles written by Carole and list of books on her website at:


WIDOWS ON THE WAY (WOW GALS) is a widows’ social group that meets at a different restaurant every month for food, fun and fellowship. It is open to any widow and it is an opportunity to meet others who are facing similar life styles changes. An invitation is either emailed or sent by mail to those who would like to attend. If you are interested you can contact Carole by calling Sorensen Funeral Home.

HOLIDAY MEMORIAL… “Christmas to Remember”

The holiday season can be especially difficult for family members and friends who have experienced a death. Every year Sorensen Funeral Home presents a special Holiday memorial program entitled “Christmas to Remember”. It is designed to remember loved ones by placing a special ornament on our Remembrance Tree, attend a memorial service and enjoy delicious refreshments. You can order as many ornaments as you need and share with other family members. The ornaments placed on the tree remain there until the first of the year and are returned to you in January.


Because the holiday can be difficult for family members we also offer a holiday seminar for our families and the community. It is facilitated by Carole and is designed to help everyone by learning how to celebrate a “joyful time” while feeling sad, alone and missing your loved one. It is also free of charge.

I invite you to join our programs as you walk through your grief journey, I am here to help.

Remember, “You must mourn well to live well so that you may love well.”

(Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph D)