At Sorensen Funeral Home, we believe that funeral costs need not be complicated or confusing. We also believe that having a memorable funeral should not cause undue financial hardship. We are here to help you. We have put together two burial packages that will, in most cases, provide the services we find that the families we serve most often ask for. By simplifying the pricing and including most of the typical add-on expenses into the package, we hope to make it easier for you to work within your budget.

In some circumstances, we can also assist you with payment through the use of Expected Insurance Policy Proceeds or Future Estate Funds. If you are curious about these options, please ask us.

Our Burial Packages do not include the cost of a casket, which will be needed for a burial service. We will discuss your casket options with you.

You may also need to purchase an outer burial container, as the cemetery may require this for burial in the ground. Sometimes this item will be included in your cemetery contract, if arrangements were pre-planned. We will help you to determine your specific needs.

Graveside Service

This is a funeral service performed at the cemetery, without a viewing prior to committal service.
Cost of casket, obituary in newspapers, flowers, death certificates and clergy or church charges, etc., will be additional.


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Traditional Funeral Service

Visitation / viewing of up to three hours at the funeral home, on the evening prior to the Funeral Service, or on the same day,
followed by the Funeral Service at the funeral home or church, followed by committal services at the cemetery. This package
allows you to customize your loved one’s funeral service in the way that is best for you, without any surprises regarding the
cost of the services. We will do everything we can to make a difficult experience a memorable and positive one for you and
your family.
Cost of casket, obituary in newspapers, flowers, death certificates and clergy or church charges, etc., will be additional.


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1. Casket costs vary considerably. We will provide you with a casket price list and show you our selections of caskets. If you wish, you may purchase a casket from a third party, and have it delivered to our facility for use in the services. If you should choose to select a casket from an outside source, you will still be entitled to the Package Savings. We cannot, however, be responsible for the condition of any caskets purchased from an outside source.
2. Additional embalming and cremation costs may be incurred if your loved one is in excess of 250 pounds, or if an autopsy was performed
3. All flower allowances must be used with our preferred florist, and orders must be initiated through the funeral home.
4. You may incur additional charges called Cash Advances. These are charges by newspapers, clergy, churches, musicians, death certificates, etc. In these cases we charge you what they charge us
5. Many cemeteries require the additional purchase of an outer burial container. We will assist you in determining the expenses you will incur at the cemetery of your choosing.

6. Additional accessory merchandise is available from various vendor’s. A price list will be presented with a catalog from those vendor’s.